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Nicholas Caplanson
President/CEO of Dime Bank

Our Bank, Our Community, Our Vision

To succeed in banking for nearly 150 years, you need certain attributes. You need to always put the needs of your customers first. You must be progressive and innovative when looking toward the future. And you need to be resolute as you acknowledge that in our industry, nothing remains constant.

At Dime Bank, these qualities have been a hallmark of ours since our inception; they help drive our efforts to provide the highest level of service to our valued customers and communities. Our team of talented employees takes great pride and satisfaction in their work, knowing that what they do truly matters.

Building on our success, we have continued to grow and improve the Bank and now serve our communities from 12 locations in Connecticut and Rhode Island. In 2016, we achieved a significant milestone by growing our asset size to more than $800 million and we welcomed many new consumer, commercial, and municipal customers as depositors and borrowers. In June 2016 we successfully opened our newest branch in Colchester, a site that represents a new wave in banking. Here, our customers have the ability to do their business in a much more interactive way, by utilizing new technology and by discussing their needs with our knowledgeable “universal bankers.” This market leading approach progressively signifies what banking at Dime will look like in the years to come.

Concurrently, Dime Bank has long been recognized as having a strong commercial banking presence in southeastern Connecticut. We are proud to continue to serve that role in our region today. With a depth of skill and expertise that is unmatched in our area, our lending team takes great pride in knowing they have played a critical role in seeing many local businesses thrive, several of which are featured in this report. It is these local businesses that provide the foundation for a solid economic region.

As pleased as we are with our progress, we are not satisfied. The upcoming year marks an important milestone that will help us better serve our customers in the future. In May 2017, we will complete an upgrade of our core technology infrastructure to a more advanced platform that will provide greater access, efficiency and capabilities for our customers. In particular, our mobile and electronic banking offerings will incorporate improvements and advanced functionality over what we offer today. This is another illustration of our vision to continually improve while providing the best banking experience possible.

To our valued employees, directors and corporators, thank you for your work, dedication and support. And to all of our terrific new and existing customers, thank you for trusting us and for making it possible for Dime Bank to continue supporting our local communities in a meaningful way.

With best regards,
Nicholas Caplanson,

President and
Chief Executive Officer



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