If you have at least $500 to invest, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) pays a higher interest rate than other deposit accounts. You’ll earn guaranteed returns over a specific period of time – no matter what happens in the financial markets. Upon maturity, you may choose to automatically renew your certificate at a new rate, add to the balance, change the term or withdraw the funds.

Certificates of Deposit

Terms from 30 days up to 6 years. Interest earned may be withdrawn at any time, transferred to another account or mailed directly to you. Renewal notice mailed 30-45 days prior to CD maturity. Subject to early withdrawal penalty.

6–Year Bump Up CD

Our Bump Up CD is available in a 6 year term. Within the initial CD term, you may ask for a one–time rate increase in the event the current 6–year Bump–Up CD rate increases. The rate increase will increase the APY. The maturity date of your CD will not change. Subject to early withdrawal penalty.


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