Dime Commercial

Dime Commercial business checking account is for businesses with higher account activity.

  • Analyzed account with low transaction fees
  • Monthly earnings credit
  • Free Dime Wired account available for all signers ($72 annual value), including a Dime Perks membership
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $10.00
  • Each item paid: $0.15
  • Each item deposited: $0.12
  • Each ACH debit and credit: $0.10


  • ACH Services (1)
  • Cash Management Services 
  • Merchant Services (1) 
  • Online & Mobile (2) Banking Services
  • Positive Pay (1)
  • Remote Deposit Services (1),(3) 
  • 24-Hour Account InfoLine: 860.859.4322 or 401.596.4747
  • Available in Spanish 

(1) Other fees may apply.
(2) Your mobile phone must have a data package. If you do not have a data package included in your plan, you may be subject to additional fees from your service provider.
(3) Only available for Dime Commercial.


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